For Ravishly: It’s Totally Fine to Quit Breastfeeding and Give Your Kid the Devil’s Milk (AKA: Formula)

February 21, 2017 by No Comments

“Life is hard enough. Motherhood is hard enough. Extenuating circumstances lurk behind nearly every door, and you should never have to reveal them in order to gain societal approval over your parenting choices. And frankly, if we’re so worried about the children, let’s worry about the children whose parents don’t feed them at all. Let’s worry about the kids whose parents aren’t even around to make these decisions. Let’s use our busy-body behavior and shrill voices to speak up for those kids.”
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For New Sacred: I Don’t Know- and I’m Learning to be Okay With That

October 23, 2016 by No Comments

Stepping back into writing about my faith a little more, and this was the perfect place to do that. I loved working with New Sacred and hope to again.

It’s fine to be curious, it’s great to be curious. But I have to be oh so careful with my curiosity. I have to enjoy the pursuit and not rely too much on the endgame. I have to remember that a frantic need for certainty can strangle the faith that has brought me so much peace.

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For The Establishment: In California, Midwives Deliver- But Still Answer to Doctors

October 23, 2016 by No Comments

“After an almost too easy road toward adoption, California Assembly Bill 1306 died on the Assembly floor in the last hours of the last day of the most recent legislative session. Had it passed, the state of California would have allowed certified nurse midwives (CNMs) to fully utilize their education and training without the archaic requirement of physician oversight—and women’s medical care in California would have finally entered the 21st century”

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For On Parenting from The Washington Post: How the Trump Video Led to an Uncomfortable Conversation with my Son, About Consent

October 13, 2016 by No Comments

“Shame starts early. So I started fighting shame early. I’m not willing to sit idly by and allow secrecy and fear into the hearts of my sons if I can help it, so we’ve talked. And I’ve kept a straight face when they’ve asked frank and naive questions. I’ve been as honest as I can be, even when I really wanted to give the easy, fairy-tale answer. I hoped that by creating an environment free of body shame, my sons would value not only their own bodies, but the bodies of others.”

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For Ravishly: How Depression Improved My Body Image

September 12, 2016 by No Comments

Writing for Ravishly is always a treat- I love waving my feminist flag, reminding myself and others that we have everything we need to be okay. This piece is a bit more confessional than I usually am, but I know there are other women out there who are struggling to feel okay about their weight- particularly in the face of friends and family who seem to have no problem shedding calories. For me, it’s a matter of committing to my mental health, even if it means an extra 20 lbs.

A few years ago, I was one of the skinny girls. Dropping to a weight I hadn’t seen since before my four children were born, people noticed. I received comments and a few sarcastically jealous remarks from my other postpartum friends. And best of all, the boot­ cut jeans from 2006 that have been hanging in my closet unworn, slipped on without producing a muffin top.

My weight was still much higher than the number any of the other women in my family will ever see, but it was a huge accomplishment for me. And it happened fairly easily, all it took was a year-long illness that sent me spiraling into a depression so deep, I wasn’t sure I could be a wife and mother anymore. I wasn’t sure I could be anymore.

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