On Every Unexpected Thing (A Guest Post)

March 28, 2014 by

Today, I am more than honored to be guest posting for Briana Meade, a blogger who has mesmerized me with her words, her depth, her tenacity again and again. She is hosting a fantastic series entitled, “For Better or For Worse”, and I am grateful to be included.


My husband and I made our first vows along the Imperial Highway in Southern California, the long stretch of road between our two universities. Every day, his ’95 gold Saturn would find its way to me and as we drove back and forth, we dreamed and made promises we’d been ready to keep from our first days together.

Our hometown was four hours north and once a month or so, we road tripped home together for the weekend. Without fail, we’d find ourselves sitting in Friday night traffic right behind a long line of brake lights waiting to exit the freeway for a weekend in Las Vegas. We eyed the sign leading to Las Vegas, make a few half-serious suggestions, and the temptation to just run off and get married filled up that tiny gold Saturn until it was almost too strong to resist.

 We were desperate to be together, but we were young and instead of disappointing our families by eloping to Sin City, we struggled along, giving all outward appearances of doing everything the right way, the healthy and mature way.

We didn’t run off to Vegas. We got married two years later in a huge wedding with more than 300 of our family and closest friends. That’s how it works when you get married at 20 and 21. You stick to tradition, you follow the rules, you have the big church wedding. It really was a lovely day. My mom stretched our tiny budget, and the end result was simple and perfect. And while I look back with so much gratitude for the love and support that surrounded us that day, the toll it took on us as a couple to arrive in that place, in hindsight, makes me sort of we’d just gone to Vegas…

Click here to join me at Briana’s blog and read the rest…

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