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Hi there everyone,

I know it’s been quiet over here… there are a million reasons why, and a million reasons that I won’t be quiet much longer. To begin with, last Friday I was in San Francisco. Yeah, on the day SCOTUS handed down their decision legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states, I was in San Francisco. About a month ago, my best friend invited me to tag along as she did her fancy author thing at a conference in the city, and because San Francisco is my favorite bit of land on this whole big earth, and because I love my best friend and do not get to spend enough time with her, I said yes.

And then I immediately contacted a friend who was a journalist on my high school paper with me, more than a decade ago. She’s also pretty fancy and has made quite a name for herself in sports broadcasting. And she’s gay. She’s been one of my favorite people for so many years now and when she came out to me, I was very, very careful about how I worded my response to her. And then I promptly voted yes on Prop 8. We’ve had conversations about this, don’t worry. Good, healing conversations.

So, more than a month ago, we made plans to have dinner on this past Friday night, of course having zero knowledge that such a historical event would take place on the same day. We hadn’t seen each other since high school.  I wept as I walked through the streets of San Francisco on my way to see her. Every person I passed looked so beautiful, and so very beloved.

So yeah. Still processing. I’m sure we’ll be chatting about this.

Also, my BFF is here visiting and like I said, we don’t get to see one another enough.

Also, we had dinner with our high school english teacher, the single most inspiring man I’ve ever known. My BFF dedicated her first book to him.

Also, we sold our house this week!

Heavy stuff, all good, all lovely, all redemptive flashes of goodness. But, heavy.

So of course, it seems like a good time to have a bit of an identity crisis and begin to explore a side of me I don’t talk about a lot, a culture I’ve tried really hard to keep at arm’s lengths, and strands of DNA I’ve worked to deny. It’s also good, redemptive work. It started with a conversation, and it grew as I poked around in a memory from long ago, a trip to the southernmost point of the United States where I gathered as a little girl with my eyes squinting out over the wild Atlantic searching for refugees from the land my dad was born on, the shores of Cuba.

I hope you’ll join me over at the incredible site, You Are Here as I share this story that has been so deeply buried in my heart and has finally broken through to the surface where I can now see it, feel it, and begin to see the beauty in it. Click here to head on over. I am so deeply honored to be included in this gem of the online storytelling world.


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